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Middle School is a supportive community that
champions respect.


“We believe in Shaping minds, Touching lives, Building Second Homes”.
S R Leaders Public School is a co-education school affiliated to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary
S R LEADERS MATRICULATION SCHOOL is a co-education school affiliated by the Govt. of Tamil
S R Leaders was established with the global vision to create future generation leaders of the society.
The aim of our school is to educate children to be effective in thinking and skillful learning, Along
with academic excellence we also lay a strong emphasis on personality development and employ
innovative ways to inculcate strong values, building responsible individuals and future ready
S R Leaders Public School CBSE Mont I to Grade X was started in 2015 & S R leaders Matriculation
school launched in the year 2021 from Grade I to X Grade with a aim to provide a holistic education
and the founder by Dr.K.Rajendran collaborated with VKV Sundararaj (Managing Director of VKV
Group of Companies)and was inaugurated by Mr. Mohandos (Amritha College Dean) .


Welcome Back to School…
Admissions open: Pre-KG to 10th std (CBSE & Matriculation)
Scholarship offer for new branch @ TVS Nagar. Rush before April 15th.

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Our academics brings the children to strike the 21 century Education and learning is the most important ingredient in life to become all that you can be. So curriculum plays fundamental role in our education. Children age 2+ to 4+ are considered as a preschool group and followed by the Montessori method of teaching. Our serenity faculties have the ability on psychological en route for the children.