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Middle School is a supportive community that
champions respect.


SR Leaders Public School is a co-education school affiliated to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education).

SR Leaders was established with the global vision to create future generation leaders of the society.  The aim of our school is to educate children to be effective in critical thinking and skillful learning.  The children acquire intellectual knowledge and good communication skills.  They will be creators of new innovations.  SR Leaders is having the consciousness to explore the child’s innate talents, interests, their holistic development, social and cultural activities, aptitude skills, multilingual skills and language acquisition skills, etc,.

SR Leaders is the place where the children can undoubtedly find their destiny in education.

The Motto of SR Leaders is “DESTINATION FOR WINNERS.”


Hurry up for Online classes…
Hurry up for Online classes…

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Our academics brings the children to strike the 21 century Education and learning is the most important ingredient in life to become all that you can be. So curriculum plays fundamental role in our education. Children age 2+ to 4+ are considered as a preschool group and followed by the Montessori method of teaching. Our serenity faculties have the ability on psychological en route for the children.