About Us

Avva Educational and Charitable Trust established S R Leaders Public School in the year 2015.

It was founded by Dr. K. Rajendran. S R Leaders was started with 42 students functioning with classes from Mont 1 to Mont 3. Since 2015, our school has been making drastic improvements in the curriculum as well as infrastructure. The school has been upgraded simultaneously. In the year 2020, Mr. VKV Sundararaj (Managing Director of VKV Group of Companies) has collaborated with S R Leaders and has been guiding the organization as one of the Managing Trustees. In the same year, the school has been upgraded till Higher Secondary Education, till 12th grade.


On account of the collaboration with the new managing trustee Mr. VKV Sundararaj and in honor of his presence, the S R Leaders   Trust’s name has been renamed as   VKV & KPR Avva Education Trust.


To provide a world-class education in an eco-friendly atmosphere, in this emulous world developing all their inherent skills and talents that can make a phenomenal and holistic growth, with the most efficient and well-trained staff and world-class amenities at an affordable cost.


We work with an aim for all our students, “to acquire the power to break and overcome any obstacles that prevent them to reach their goal, with full potential and with patience so as to enhance their talents in a heavenly being atmosphere, the most exhilarating way”.